The All-New GA8, a luxury car for the new era, is launching soon in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Oct. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — During October, GAC MOTOR will launch its ‘new era pioneer’ flagship GA8 at a futuristic press conference packs with modern technology and innovation in Saudi Arabia. GAC MOTOR has continually surpassed industry predictions, we cannot wait to see what the GA8 will have in store for the Saudi Arabia market.

Enjoy luxury driving with the new flagship GA8

As the latest masterpiece from GAC MOTOR, the new car embodies its ingenuity and experience over the last 12 years during its development. The GA8 has demonstrated extraordinary strength in its body frame and design, handling, and overall driving experience. This car is built to impress and will no doubt be a world-class luxury product for Saudi Arabia’s consumers.

For many local drivers, a car is not merely a means of transportation. Instead, their cars reflect the expectations and hopes they have for their lives. They look for a vehicle that highlights their value, identity, style, and capability. Thus, the car they drive is essential as a business card to prove worth in a tangible way.

As a modern masterpiece that incorporates international experience and resources while pushing R&D’s boundaries, the all-new GA8 represents the best of modern car manufacturing. The car’s rigorous design aims to provide the best experience and service for those people who enjoy the finer things in life.

As an essential product in this market segment, business vehicles have become vital for the business elites’ work and lives in modern society. GAC MOTOR integrates global resources and advanced technology in its design and configurations to meet business travelers’ needs on the road.

Specially adapted to the unique climate environment and user habits of Saudi Arabia, the flagship GA8 has undergone rigorous quality tests in terms of interiors, acceleration and handling, reliability, and comfort. The GA8 makes an impression, providing consumers in Saudi Arabia with the best quality and service, translating into superior customer experience and peace of mind for local users.

GAC MOTOR has shown explosive growth by continuously developing high-quality products to promote the brand. Consumers and industry experts have highly recognized it with its excellent product power, quality, and cost-effectiveness. In the future, GAC MOTOR will continue to enrich its product lineup, accelerate market development, introduce more high-quality products, and continue to create a pleasant mobile life for consumers worldwide.

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