GUANGZHOU, China, March 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The 7-seater GS8 is a GAC MOTOR flagship model for a reason. Sleek yet powerful, it combines luxurious design with highly responsive handling and an impressive engine, delivering pure performance on any terrain. All of which has made it a popular model for Middle Eastern drivers, who require a vehicle that is both highly visually attractive and genuinely powerful. The GS8 will be an exciting addition to the GS3, GS4, and GA4 models available at GAC MOTOR’s first overseas “G” design store in Iraq.

During a recent test drive of the 2020 GS8 in Dubai, ArabGT founder Mousub Shashaa praised the car’s four-cylinder 320T engine. This particular engine uses advanced turbo technology to produce great power while maintaining smooth handling. Mr. Shashaa’s expert eye noted that the same suppliers as some of the world’s biggest car companies manufactured many details of the GS8, such as the powerful AC system. This is one of the reasons why GAC MOTOR’s products can be competitive in the international automobile market.

The core GAC MOTOR concept of “craftsmanship” can be seen in every inch of the car’s design. The GS8’s exterior is made with bold, sweeping lines, and the interior is luxurious, combining a base of quality leather and wooden paneling, easy-to-use technology that appeals to the needs of modern drivers. Some of these technologies include the 10-inch swipeable touchscreen, wireless charging and top-tier Harman Kardon sound system. Moreover, the supersized panoramic sunroof allows sunlight to stream in, making the cabin feel airy and bright. Through conducting extensive consumer research, the GS8 was also designed with multiple smaller comfort and safety features, such as memory buttons for seat adjustment, 8 airbags, 360-degree parking assist cameras, lane change assistant, and lane departure warning.

Furthermore, GAC MOTOR has established a reputation in fuel efficiency. The GS8 can run 740km on a full tank, which makes this Chinese SUV is a serious contender for the perfect Middle Eastern off-roader.

Comfortable, stylish, easy to drive and most importantly, packed with power and advanced technology, the GS8 is a model designed to be ambitious. It satisfies both the challenges of the desert and the modern driver’s desire to get behind the wheel of a powerful, beautiful, and high-tech car.

The GS8

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