WFP Algeria Country Brief, December 2018

In Numbers

2251.17 mt of food assistance distributed

2,333 kcal/person/day provided through the general food basket

US$ 3 m six months (February-July 2019) net funding requirements

125 000 people assisted in December 2018

Operational Updates

In December, as part of the General Food Assistance, WFP distributed 125,000 rations consisting of 8 kg wheat flour, 2 kg rice, 2 kg pasta, 1 kg yellow split peas, 1 kg Lentils, 1 kg CSB, 1kg sugar, and 1 litre of fortified vegetable oil. The ration was complemented with 1 kg of gofio (roasted maize meal), which is part of an in-kind donation from the Spanish region of Gran Canaria. The food basket reached a daily energy intake of 2,333 kcal/person, higher than the planned 2,100 kcal per day due to the inclusion of Gofio.

WFP distributed daily rations of pre-mix 100g corn soya blend (CSB+), 7.5 g sugar and 10g vegetable oil to treat moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) among 668 pregnant and nursing mothers.

A ration of 100g of plumpy sup to 385 children was also distributed in December.

To prevent chronic malnutrition, 12,883 boys and girls under five took home daily rations of 20 g of a special spread (Nutributter).

WFP distributed mid-morning snacks consisting of 80g /child/day of Dried Skimmed Milk (DSM) and 50g/ child/day of High Energy Biscuits (HEB) to 38,956 boys and girls in primary schools and kindergartens in December.

Source: World Food Programme