WFP Algeria Country Brief, December 2021

In Numbers

138,421 rations distributed in December 2021

1,243 kcal/person/day provided through the general food basket

US$ 8.5 m six-month (January 2022– June 2022) net funding requirement.

Operational Updates

• For the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) and anaemia in December, WFP distributed daily rations of super cereal wheat soy blend, sugar and vegetable oil to 746 pregnant and lactating women (PLW). In addition, around 7,482 PLW (in the refugee camps of Dakhla, Smara, Laayoun and Awserd), received fresh food vouchers to provide a more nutritious diet and to prevent MAM and anaemia. In the camp of Boujdour, WFP distributed 788 e-vouchers to purchase additional commodities from a pre-selected list of diversified products. Moreover, 599 children aged between 6-59 months received daily rations of specialised nutritious food (PlumpySup). MAM prevention activities reached 13,791 boys and girls aged 6-59 months, who also received specialized nutritious food (Nutributter) in health centres.

• WFP continued the distribution of the Multiple Micronutrient Supplements MMS (1 tablet per woman per day) targeting 8,423 pregnant and lactating women.

• School feeding in the refugee camps continued as WFP distributed nutritious gofio porridge made from gofio, dried skimmed milk, vitamin-enriched oil and sugar to 39,864 children, every school day. WFP will continue to distribute a daily 50g packet of high energy biscuits.

• WFP Algeria continues to face critical wheat flour shortages. A solution is being discussed with the host government to tackle this issue.

• Over the last quarter of the year, and in line with WFP agreement with partners to ensure that food needs of the most vulnerable in the camp continued to be met throughout the year, additional food rations were provided to 4,749 people for the months of October, November and December– all of whom WFP verified to be in urgent need of food assistance. The assistance was through unconditional resource transfers, reaching a total of 138,421 monthly beneficiaries for each of these.

Food rations included 2 kg of lentils, 1.8 kg of rice, 4 kg of barley, 750 g sugar, 920 g of fortified vegetable oil. About 1,243 kcal per person per day were received by beneficiaries during the month of December.

Source: World Food Programme