Meet Switcher Studio that can turn your iPad into a live video editing studio

What is it all about?

Even though the current improvements in camera-phone technology, which now latest smart phones have, is the reason to get rid of old-fashioned single-purpose cameras, but still we come across issues in dealing with heavy editing and production. This sort of situation we come across mostly for a live video, that mostly requires a full mixing board and production studio and in this current era, many of us have to rely on desktops when it comes to heavy editing and production. As we come across latest technologies each day, so that also makes us come to know about the latest gadgets’ unexplored productive uses and this time we will reveal that how much your iPad can be productive when it comes to a live video editing and that got possible only because of Switcher Studio

An insight of Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is known to be a mobile production suite that makes people use an iDevice for live video mixing and production, that seems to be the most exciting thing, but we all will have to wait until we come across its some effective benefits. When it comes to the features of Switcher Studio, so what it does, is that it makes you record H.D video from the built in camera on your iDevice, and that can either be recorded and edited according to your own need and even it can be streamed live straightaway to sites such as YouTube, Ustream and Twitch. This seems much exciting and according to many I.T experts, the streaming feature of Switcher Studio is what which will get it much popularity in the tech world.

Let’s find more about it

You must remember that the magic takes place as you enter the Director mode and that is when you disable video recording on your main mixing device and most probably your iPad and wirelessly get connected to at least 4 other iOS devices, that have the capability to be used as video sources.

Wrapping it up

The additional cameras will feed live video in the main device, and will change your iPad into a multi-camera live production studio and that is not all, as you can even attach a laptop and that will turn out to be a one of the video sources, in a specific case of adding web browsing or a PowerPoint presentation into your production. It is yet to see that how much effective it will be for the masses, but so far that seems that it is going to inspire the tech world. The studio also consists of various editing features that have been designed to get your video look much stunning as if it has come up out of an actual studio and it consists of picture-in picture, transitions and T.V-style graphics and overlays. All these edits can be done in real-time or in post production as soon as you are done with recording phase.