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‫دار سك العملة الملكية الكندية تكرّم الشجاعة والتضحية من خلال إهداء الدولار الفضي التذكاري لعام 2019 للذكرى السنوية الخامسة والسبعين ليوم النصر

أوتاوا، أونتاريو، 8 يناير/ كانون الثاني، 2019 /PRNewswire/ — مع كل عام جديد، تحافظ دار سك العملة الملكية الكندية “Royal Canadian Mint”على تقليد إصدار دولار فضي سنوي لإحياء ذكرى ذات أهمية وطنية، وفي هذا العام،

Bisri Dam Water Will be Treated and Will be Potable

Q 1: How will the water channeled from Bisri Dam be treated? Will it be safe to drink?

JRM: There is currently a water treatment plant between Bisri and Beirut, in a place called Ouardaniyeh …

UN Alarmed at Uprooting of Civilians in Nigeria’s War With Militants

ABUJA The United Nations voiced alarm on Wednesday at the uprooting of more than 30,000 Nigerians forced to flee the protracted war against Islamist insurgents in the country’s northeast.

Attacks by Islamic State in West …

South Africa’s ANC Facing Factionalism Ahead of Vote

JOHANNESBURG South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) celebrated its anniversary this week by counting the party’s successes in the past 25 years. But the ANC is battling with factionalism and corruption allegations against senior …