Daily Archives: April 5, 2020

‘Complete Collapse of Economies’ Ahead as Africa Faces Virus

Some of Uganda’s poorest people used to work here, on the streets of Kampala, as fruit sellers sitting on the pavement or as peddlers of everything from handkerchiefs to roasted peanuts.

Now they’re gone and …

Escalating Violence in Burkina Faso Drives Thousands of Malian Refugees to Return Home

The U.N. refugee agency reports escalating violence in Burkina Faso is driving thousands of Malian refugees to leave their camps and return to the war-torn homes they fled in search of safety.     

The United …

UN Chief: Coronavirus Pressures Leading to Global Surge in Domestic Violence

The U.N. secretary-general warned Sunday that the increase in social and economic pressures brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has led to a global increase in violence against women and girls.   

Last week, Antonio Guterres called …