ConocoPhillips, QSTP Co-host 106th Meeting of Petroleum Environment Research Forum

ConocoPhillips and Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) co-hosted the 106th meeting of Petroleum Environment Research Forum (PERF) under the theme ‘Circular Economy in the Energy Industry: Converting Waste By-Products into Valuable Products’.

Managing Director of the Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC) at ConocoPhillips Qatar and a member of the PERF Board of Directors Dr. Samer Adham and QSTP Relationship Manager Essa Al-Jamali opened this years edition of the PERF.

The event included workshops on global projects, innovative research, and case studies in the areas of beneficial water reuse, waste management, and emerging technologies.

Representatives from the industry, including Qatargas and ConocoPhillips Qatar led panel discussions and project brainstorming sessions and discussed the best means to achieve the circular economy within the energy industry. They examined the Qatargas Wastewater Recycling and Reduction (WRR) project, the various integrated waste management approaches adopted by Qatargas, and innovative technologies within the energy sector. Additionally, participating companies had the chance to discuss the different means to support the environment via waste by-product recycling techniques, with the overall goal of promoting circular economy principles in the energy industry.

Commenting on the event, Dr. Adham said: “We are proud to be hosting the 106th meeting of PERF. This editions agenda is packed with productive dialogue to generate meaningful ideas and projects to reduce the energy industrys environmental impact and achieve a circular economy that negates wastage. Our panel of experts is determined to contribute toward enhancing Qatars water security and safeguarding its environment toward the achievement of Qatars National Vision 2030, as well as bolstering the countrys efforts to ramp up the development of a circular economy in its growing energy sector and working toward creating developments.” He stressed the keenness on leading the discussion in this area and offering our expertise to help alleviate water management and build more sustainable energy.

Executive Director of QSTP Yosouf Al Salehi stated: “As a globally renowned technology development hub, we are honored to host this years edition of the PERF with our anchor member company, ConocoPhillips, and drive discussions forward on the creation of a circular economy in the energy sector. At QSTP, we believe that anything is possible when the best ideas are given opportunities to deliver impact, and we will always provide a platform for knowledge exchange and positive dialogue on issues that impact Qatar, the environment, and our future. Discussing the environmental footprint of various industries, especially the energy industry, is crucial today and it is imperative that we drive productive discourse to create the solutions to some of our most pressing problems.” The PERF is a non-profit organization created in 1986 to provide a stimulus to and a forum for the collection, exchange, and analysis of research information relating to the development of technology for health, environment, safety and sustainability in the energy and petrochemical industry.

The PERF Board of Directors, representing various international energy companies, attended the meeting in Doha, which fostered networking opportunities and exchange of ideas for potential collaborations.

This years forum generated numerous discussions and innovations in the field, driving forward the pressing discourse on the environmental impact of the energy industry. The networking and discussion platform offered by the event helped the participating organizations and stakeholders generate a wealth of actionable ideas, projects, and potential collaboration areas that can help elevate environmental efforts and contribute toward the realization of a true circular economy in the energy industry in Qatar, the region, and globally.

Source: Qatar News Agency