GANHRI Calls for Protecting Civilians, Ending Escalation in Palestinian Territories

Copenhagen, The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) called for the necessity to protect civilians, halt the escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories, and provide urgent assistance to the people of Gaza.

In a statement released after a meeting in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, chaired by HE Mariam bint Abdullah Al Attiyah, who is the President of GANHRI and Chairperson of the National Human Rights Committee, the Alliance expressed solidarity with the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights. They indicated that Alliance members were briefed by Director-General of the commission Ammar Dwaik on the latest developments in Gaza and the West Bank.

The statement also voiced significant concern for the safety and security of the commission and dozens of employees in Gaza. It highlighted that several members and staff of the Commission had lost family members, friends, and homes, with many becoming internally displaced, all deeply affected by severe restrictions imposed on accessing basic resources such as food, clean water, and electricity.

HE Mariam bint Abdullah Al Attiyah, the Alliance President said that the alliance stands in solidarity with its friends and colleagues during these challenging times and will exert its utmost efforts to support them in their vital role and mandate in the field of human rights. The Independent Commission has provided reports on the human rights situation in Palestine, including to United Nations bodies, with concrete recommendations for action to protect civilians, halt the escalation, provide urgent humanitarian aid, and ensure accountability for all violations under international law.

She added that the alliance was deeply alarmed by the large number of civilian casualties, including children, women, the elderly, and those seeking refuge. She expressed the alliance’s strong support for the UN’s urgent call for a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons to ensure aid reaches those in dire need. As members of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, she reaffirmed commitment to enhancing and protecting human rights worldwide.

Additionally, during the meeting, the President of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions reviewed the Alliance’s activities in the past period. She noted that they provided advice to both new and existing institutions regarding the Paris Principles and accreditation requirements. They recently hosted consultations of the Sub-Committee on Accreditation in Geneva, as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the accreditation process.

She also mentioned that the Alliance regularly holds meetings of its Climate Change Assembly with over 30 national human rights institutions from around the world to exchange experiences, facilitate advice and support on addressing the impact of climate change on human rights. The Alliance also addressed international forums on a wide range of priorities, including the Summit on Sustainable Development Goals.

Regarding future plans, Her Excellency emphasized that the daunting global context for human rights and human rights institutions and recent political disturbances and their impact on national human rights institutions, including the lives and safety of members and affiliates, remains a priority and requires appropriate responses wherever possible. She added that it was crucial that we continue to enhance the support provided to national human rights institutions in crisis situations, partnering with the High Commissioner for Human Rights, regional networks, and partners such as the European Union.

Source: Qatar News Agency