His health condition is difficult – the father and brother of the wounded Daoud Attia were released

The young man, Dawoud Attiya, 19 years old, is lying in the “Shaare Tasedek” Hospital in critical health condition, after bullets were fired at him, under the pretext of “carrying out a stabbing attack on the light train guard” at the entrance to the town of Shuafat, in Jerusalem.

The occupation authorities refuse to inform Attiya’s family about the details of their son’s health condition and prevent him from visiting him.

Today, the occupation authorities released the father and brother of the young man, Attiya, after arresting them yesterday at the entrance to the town of Al-Issawiya.

The confrontations continued in the neighborhoods of the town of Al-Issawiya, for hours before dawn, and the forces fired gas bombs, stun grenades, and rubber bullets extensively into the streets of the town, while young men blocked the streets and responded by throwing firecrackers and stones.

Immediately after storming the town of Al-Issawiya, the occupation forces raided the home of the young man Atiya and vandalized its contents

Source: Maan News Agency