Sydney, April 11 (QNA) – The latest signal reported in the search
for a missing Malaysia Airlines jet in the Indian Ocean probably did
not come from the plane, the body coordinating the hunt said Friday.

“The signal reported in the vicinity of the Australian Defence
vessel Ocean Shield is unlikely to be related to the aircraft black
boxes,” Search leader Angus Houston told reporters in Perth.

The statement came after analysis of the data from sound-locating
buoys dropped by a Australian patrol plane Thursday near where a navy
ship had monitored a possible signal from the missing Boeing 777.

“On the information I have available to me, there has been no major
breakthrough in the search for MH370,” Houston said.

The Ocean Shield first heard a promising signal on Saturday, then on
Tuesday again picked up acoustic signals on the pinger locator it is
towing, dpa reported.

On Thursday there were early reports that the buoys dropped from the
plane in the same spot had confirmed the acoustic signal, raising
hopes that the batteries in the black box were holding out beyond
their one-month life span.(QNA)


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