Ministry of Justice Graduates New Legal Officers, Trainee Lawyers

The Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry of Justice held a graduation ceremony for participants of the twentieth mandatory training course for new legal officers and participants of the thirteenth mandatory training course for trainee lawyers.

A total of 106 legal professionals, including 10 trainee lawyers, have benefited from the two courses, completing their specialized courses for the year 2023 at the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies in the Ministry.

During the ceremony, HE the Minister of Justice Masoud bin Mohammed Al Ameri presented training certificates to the graduating trainees and congratulated them, wishing them success in their professional lives.

HE the Minister emphasized that this batch of legal graduates constitutes a qualitative addition to the Qatari legal cadre. He highlighted their role in enhancing the legal system to meet the country’s needs and development requirements, aligning with the goals of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in its human development pillar. This will supply our various national institutions and the legal sector with young and qualified professionals capable of fulfilling their duties professionally and responsibly across various legal fields and specialties. It reflects the government’s commitment to establishing principles of effective justice and promoting values of quality, development, and excellence in performance.

HE further emphasized that the Ministry of Justice, represented by the Center of Legal and Judicial Studies, is keen on providing the latest training and legal qualification programs for trainees and professionals in various legal sectors in the country, aligning with the legislative progress in the nation.

On his part, Director of The Center of Legal and Judicial Studies Saleh Ali Al Fadala affirmed the center’s commitment to achieving the legal training and qualification goals derived from Qatar’s National Vision 2030. He stressed the center’s dedication to raising legal awareness among legal professionals of all categories and continuously improving the legal training systems, methods, and content at the center. This includes keeping up with developments in Qatari laws and amendments, enabling the training and development of legal and practical skills for trainees, aligning with the requirements of their roles in their workplaces.

Al Fadala also highlighted the center’s efforts to update its training plan, under the supervision and guidance of HE the Minister of Justice Masoud bin Mohammed Al Ameri. This includes activating specialized legal course programs and mandatory legal courses in coordination with legal partners and trainees’ workplaces in the country. The aim is to improve the quality of outputs, meet the training needs of government institutions, and support the Qatari labor market with qualified Qatari legal competencies in various specialties. This aligns with Qatar’s National Vision 2030 regarding human capital development and enhancing its competence.

The Center of Legal and Judicial Studies, affiliated with the Ministry, is preparing for a more comprehensive and extensive program as part of the training plan for the year 2024.

Source: Qatar News Agency