The innovative fractional art investment platform has signed a partnership agreement with Amicorp Group’s wealth management company, Amergeris, opening access to shared ownership of iconic art to the clients of private banks, family offices and wealth managers

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mintus, the fractional art investment platform, today announced its first major partnership in the discretionary fund management and wealth management sector as it seeks to expand its global reach.

Mintus is the first FCA authorised company to launch and scale art fractionalisation in the UK and the partnership with Amergeris Wealth Management (Switzerland) AG, part of Amicorp Group, will significantly expand Mintus’ exposure to investors across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Amergeris Wealth Management (Switzerland) AG, a licensed investment manager, structured the investment products for Mintus.

Launched in Q2 2022, Mintus has created an intuitive and accessible investment platform, backed with industry leading art and financial expertise, that offers investors an innovative way to buy shares and invest in high-quality, difficult to access, multi-million-pound contemporary artworks. Fractional ownership of art, enabled through investing in the shares issued by an investment vehicle which in turn owns the art, provides enhanced portfolio diversification and risk-adjusted returns for investors together with the unique opportunity to invest in some of the world’s greatest paintings at a fraction of their overall value.

Mintus has a pipeline of $150m of investment quality paintings from artists including Andy Warhol, George Condo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Hockney, Pablo Picasso, and René Magritte. Qualified Investors can buy shares in a fund that owns the individual paintings directly at Exposure to a diversified portfolio, made up of all the artwork on the Mintus platform, can also be accessed by investment into the Mintus Art Strategy, an Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) available to wealth managers and financial institutions through its ISIN code.

Amergeris Wealth Management Group AG was established in 2011 and offers specialist investment banking and wealth management to its clients either directly or through Amicorp Group via its global network of offices that include Singapore, Dubai, Zurich, London, Barbados, Curacao and Miami.

This is the first of several planned major partnerships with private banks and other wealth managers to provide their clients with access to shared ownership of exceptional investment grade art and tapping into the ever-increasing drive for portfolio diversification through alternative assets.

Brett Gorvy, Chief Curator at Mintus, commented: “Mintus removes the structural limitations around market access, risk management and the origination process for investors who are new to the art market or art enthusiasts who are priced out from rare, iconic paintings. The platform offers these rare, iconic paintings and the artists on the platform are among the most desirable and sought-after contemporary artists to collect today. Their markets are international and artists on the platform, such as Warhol, are currently experiencing new popular heights as a result of major museum retrospectives and record prices achieved at auction.”

Tamer Ozmen, Founder and CEO of Mintus, said: “These new partnerships are an exciting development in our business. We are implementing our plans to enter new markets globally by partnering with financial institutions, private banks and wealth managers. These partnerships allow qualified and accredited investors to invest alongside experienced financial institutions.”

Remko Van Ekelen, CEO of Amergeris, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Mintus. In this challenging inflationary environment, art investments provide strong portfolio diversification, inflation hedging attributes and strong capital preservation capabilities due to its uncorrelated nature to equities. Mintus’ offering strips out the extra costs and frictions generally associated with investing in art and makes it a very viable alternative asset class for our clients.”

Note to editors:

  • Full details of the investment and risks are included in the investment documents available to all qualifying investors who successfully complete the sign-up process with Mintus. Investors’ attention is drawn to the following key risks:
  • Liquidity. Shares held by investors are not traded on a recognised investment exchange. Investments are long-term. Mintus will allow secondary transactions in shares through its website in the future as a bulletin board.
  • Risk of Loss. All investments in shares involve a high degree of risk and compensation for loss of investment is not available.
  • Lack of Diversification. Shares held by investors in an investment vehicle represent interests in a specific, pre- identified artwork that is owned by that particular investment vehicle. The past performance of the art market, a particular artist’s work, or a given artwork is not a reliable indicator of its future performance.

Mintus Trading Limited is Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm reference number 942522.