NEW YORK, PARIS, and STUTTGART, Germany, Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Under the banner Leading Construction Lawyers (LCL), an international construction law alliance has been formed by the preeminent construction law practices at the United States law firm Peckar & Abramson, PC, French law firm Altana, the German law firm Breyer Rechtsanwälte, and the consulting and dispute resolution firm PS Consulting, based in Paris.

The newly formed LCL Alliance will serve the construction and infrastructure industry’s need for multinational excellence in construction legal services and as an international forum for related leadership in addressing industry concerns.

LCL Alliance members have a client-focused and industry engaged approach. The primary goal of the LCL Alliance is to support one another in delivering outstanding results and pragmatic solutions, strategies and advice; all in the interest of serving clients of member firms in connection with a wide range of projects around the world, from infrastructure, transportation, energy, oil & gas, to industrial and building projects.

The LCL Alliance’s mission is to support member firms in offering the highest level of construction related legal services to stakeholders at all project stages throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Gulf.

At the heart of LCL Alliance’s mission is collaboration among the most preeminent construction law firms and practitioners around the globe.

LCL Alliance firms and their respective lawyers are dedicated to the construction and infrastructure sector, and possess among the richest understanding and experience in Construction and Infrastructure Law.

The LCL Alliance is built on a foundation of common values and approach embraced by its founders: the pragmatic marriage of exceptional experience and capability, together with academic engagement and industry service.  The LCL Alliance will support  member firms as they strive to achieve superior results and offer the most practical and innovative solutions to the challenges facing clients and the international infrastructure community.

As they began working with each other, LCL Alliance founding members came to recognize that they embraced complementary cultures, customs and legal practices, as well as similar business, legal and collaborative approaches.  The rare commonality found among member firms spanned borders and crossed both common law and civil code jurisdictions. Establishing a more formal alliance naturally followed.

Collectively, the LCL Alliance has more than 130 professionals and technical consultants present in various jurisdictions in Europe and the United States, with many of these individuals being highly recognized in construction and infrastructure law. Although multi-national and offering a unique alliance and working relationship between member firms, each member firm and their respective lawyers remain independent.

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