Syria, Algeria discuss boosting agricultural cooperation

Strengthening the agriculture cooperation and exchanging products were touched upon in the meeting that brought together Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Minister, Muhammad Hassan Qatana, and the Algerian Ambassador in Damascus, Kamel Bouchama.

During the meeting, held Wednesday at the ministry’s building, Minister Qatana stressed the need to update the inked agreements, develop their operational programs, and promote the exchange of agricultural products along with the scientific and technical cooperation.

Qatana attached great importance for Algeria and the rest of the Arab countries to join the quartet agreement signed between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq to achieve integration in agricultural production, import and export according to an agricultural calendar in light of climate changes, scarcity of water resources and the food insecurity.

Bouchama affirmed the importance of maintaining meetings between ministries of agriculture and technicians in both countries to update and implement agreements.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency