Tata Prison Denies Allegations of Torture, Medical Negligence against a Detainee

Tata’s local prison administration on Friday denied the allegations made on social networks by the sister of the detainee (H.M.), who claimed that he had been “tortured in his cell,” and had “suffered from medical negligence” in addition to having his family members’ phone numbers “blocked” to impede contact.

In a clarification, the local prison administration stated that “the allegations made by the sister of the aforementioned prisoner are unfounded” and explained that the person concerned suffers from psychological disorders, having been taken to the Tata Regional Hospital on 17 July 2002 and presented to two specialists in psychiatry and digestive diseases, while another appointment was also made for him at the outpatient clinic.

With regard to contact with family members, the same source adds that “the person concerned does so regularly, as recorded in the telephone register, as he called several family members, including his sister on 10.05.2023, his brother on 17.05.2023 and the last contact he had with his sister dates back to 19.07.2023.”

The prison also stated that neither the prisoner nor any of his family members had filed a complaint in this regard.

As for the allegations of “poisoning his food”, the clarification states that these are “false accusations, as the individual concerned normally enjoys his meals like the rest of the inmates.”

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse