TMC: 8 INJURED IN 6 ROAD ACCIDENT WITHIN LAST 24 HOURSGames of Future, an international sport competition with a new phygital format, will be held in Kazan, Russia, 2024

8 persons have been reported injured in 6 road accident within the last 24 hours, the Traffic Management Center said on Tuesday.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon

Moscow, In February-March 2024, Kazan, Russia, will take place the first international tournament of a new format – the Games of Future. Competitions will be held within the framework of innovative disciplines that combine classical sports, e-sports, as well as virtual reality technologies. An extensive program of additional events will be prepared for spectators and athletes.

Spectacular international multi-sport competitions will last nine days. They will be attended by two thousand athletes in more than 200 teams from around the world. The program includes 16 technological disciplines. Participants will compete in virtual disciplines, and then on real sports grounds.

During 2023, test competitions were held in the ‘phygital’ format – combination of digital and physical activities. The competition includes the following disciplines football, basketball, hockey and martial arts. In addition, there will be drone races and Beat Saber, a virtual reality competition.

In preparation for the Games of Future 202
4, Kazan hosted the third Phygital Games on February 3-12, 2023. The competition program included five disciplines. The participants were 132 athletes from ten countries: Russia, Belarus, Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, Cambodia, Peru, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

On March 9-10, 2023, the fourth Phygital Games in racing disciplines were held in Kazan. In the digital part, athletes competed in the ability to drive a virtual car in a simulator, and in the physical stage, winter kart racing awaited them on a specially prepared ice-covered track. Eight teams took part in the race, each of which consisted of two pilots.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency