Launches New Standard for Portable Credentials

DUBAI, UAE, September 25, 2018/PRNewswire/ —

The DataFlow Group’s Service adds much-needed element of trust to hiring, a subsidiary of The DataFlow Group – aims to expedite the verification of worker credentials with the launch of their new website – Working with issuing authorities like universities, employers and licensing bodies around the world,’s digital service allows job applicants and prospective employers to independently verify and confirm educational degrees, professional credentials, and licenses. brings Primary Source Verification (PSV) firmly into the 21st century with its use of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Most importantly, the new website addresses the need for greater security and transparency in overseas hiring by adding PSV as a critical trust element.

“ is the No. 1 industry solution to remove the friction of repetitive background checks,” says Sunil Kumar, CEO of The DataFlow Group. “Not only does this new service connect qualified applicants with just the right employers, it does so in a secure, online environment. The entire process instantly establishes trust and allows both employer and employee to move quickly through the hiring process.” When speaking of the project, René Seifert, Chief Digital Officer of The DataFlow Group, states, “Our goal with this product was to create a tool that would give candidates a competitive advantage over other applicants during the hiring process, through onboarding, and throughout their employment. We’re extremely proud of the work we’re doing with” offers a host of fully-digital PSV services, many of which are new to the industry.

  • Prospective employees can submit documents for verification – e.g. diplomas, licenses, reference letters, etc. Once verified, the applicant receives a digital TrueProof. The applicant owns their TrueProofs outright and can use them over and over throughout their career.
  • Each TrueProof uses embedded Ethereum blockchain technology to validate the applicant’s credentials, adding a strong layer of digital security to the verification process.
  • includes secured sections for both employers (called Business Partners) and prospective employees (called Members). Members benefit from easy-to-use web-access where they can manage their TrueProofs and their myTrueProfile-page.
  • If they choose, Business Partners can purchase vouchers for applicants and guide them through the TrueProof verification process.

About an industry-leading provider of portable credentials via Primary Source Verification. uses the latest blockchain technologies to add much-needed security and trust to the hiring process. is powered by The Dataflow Group. The DataFlow Group has been a trusted partner for regulators and governments in Asia and Europe to deliver Primary Source Verification for more than one million applicants since 2007.

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