Youth Dream Big at Climate Conference

Doha, November 27 (QNA)   An Egyptian activist taking part in the new  Arab Youth Climate Movement  (AYCM), Mariam Allam has always been  dreaming  of attending the most important conference in the world, which discussed climate change and its effects on the globe s inhabitants.
With the State of Qatar hosting the Conference of Parties (COP 18), the opportunity has presented itself for Mariam and a number of Arab youth to participate and deliver a message. At its gist is: the time has come for Arab leaders to play a bigger international role in climate discussions.
Allam, who is a Coordinator for the new movement, pointed out that its role in Doha is to make a difference, especially because it is the first time that Arab youth participate in such a conference.
This Conference presents an opportunity for dialogue with Arab Parties delegations and expressing the Arab youth s point of view over climate issues affecting the future of generations to come.
The AYCM was founded only two months prior to the Conference. Today, it boasts the participation of more than 50 coordinating members from 16 Arab countries. The Movement held its first meeting in Cairo.
Ibrahim Salem, another Egyptian from the Movement, indicated that the Cairo meeting aimed to prepare for the Doha Conference and discuss ideas to be showcased by Arab youth for their countries participating leaders. 
Arab youth at the Doha Conference insist on change and a lasting effect on the most important topics on the table in the world today; namely the greenhouse effect, pollution, and emission increases.
The youth’s participation in UN climate conferences had been limited, if not non-existent, but the Doha Conference’s organizing committee handled travel expenses for a number of civil society organizations to help them face climate change through campaigns.
AYCM members have indicated that they wanted to make a change at the Doha Conference through stressing the importance of committing to international agreements limiting emissions.
The time has come for Arab youth to recognize the negative effects of climate change on future generations and that is why we are present; for participation and awareness, Allam said. 
Not only is Arab youth active in regional organizations and movements, but they also try to voice their views internationally through non-governmental organizations.
Saudi activist Mounira Abdelkader, which takes part in one of the international organizations concerned with climate, asserted the importance of the young voice on such issues at this Conference because it will affect the generations to come.
Abdelkader never misses an opportunity to be present at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC), where the Doha Conference is being held, to meet with her country s delegation and discuss the youth s vision of some solutions that could protect the earth from the negative effects of climate change.
Arab youth are wore t-shirts with slogans calling for a global responsibility towards commitment in favor of future generations, with lively greenish colors reflecting the importance of respecting the environment.
Sara al-Harithi, an Omani participant from AYCM, aspires that Arab leaders vow to lower CO2 levels through this conference.
“We want the world to protect our future and abide by climate change agreements.” Al-Harithi said.
Mounira Nabil, a Syrian member of American organization Sustain US, asserted that the youth is adamant towards a quick reaction from world leaders on climate change through committing to agreements and international treaties.
The AYCM had released a message on its website and collected youth signatures for delivery at the Doha Conference.
The message, directed towards the governments of the Arab world, says: “There is a need for a leading role regarding climate change, proving to the world that you are serious about this cause.
 You can start with vows to limit greenhouse emissions from now until 2020, so we could revert to safe levels of CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere at 350 parts per million (ppm). (END)

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